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You can book a room by online booking system, mail or just calling us. 

Room rates:

Our prices vary depending on the time and length of stay. You can check prices and availability for different times and length of stay, by entering the dates into the online booking system. Here are  some examples of our room rates:

Room for 1 person           30-35 €/night
Room for 2 persons         50-55 €/night
Room for 4 persons         65-75 €/night

Room for 6 persons         70-80 €/night
Studio for 2-4 persons     70-80 €/night

Apartment 5-8 persons    85-120 €/night

Bed linen are not included. You can rent then form us ( 10 €/set: sheet, pillow case, duvet cover and bath towel) or bring your own.

Other services and facilities:
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